Ringer Tips

Tips to help you get the most out of Ringer

Tips for Writing Project Descriptions →

Writing Effective Project Descriptions to Attract Open Source Software Experts

Crafting an Effective Job Post →

Ringer has Top Tier Open-Source talent - here are some tips on how to attract them to your job advert

The Art of Valuing Time – How Experts Should Set an Hourly Rate →

How do you work out how to set a price as an Expert?

Getting Your First Request →

How do you go about getting your first request?

How do Payments work on Ringer? (Customers) →

Making it easy and safe to access expert knowledge on open source

How do Payments work on Ringer? (Experts) →

Our goal is to make it simple to monetise your Open Source expertise. Payments are at the heart of that.

Introducing Custom Links →

Custom Links improve how Experts can provide their expertise to customers

How do Support Request work? →

Let's review the support request process

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