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When you need help with a package, who better to ask?

It doesn't matter how good you are as an engineer or developer, sometimes you just hit the buffers.

We've all been there — implementing a package or piece of software and it just won't happen. You trawl StackOverflow and GitHub issues looking for the solution and eventually, hours later, you find a scrap of information that solves the issue.

Ringer aims to solve your problems quickly, by connecting you directly with the authors, maintainers and contributors of open source software.

Who are the Ringers?

Membership as an Expert on Ringer is limited to those who contribute to open source software.

This could be the author, maintainers or contributors of a project. The only requirement is that they contribute to the codebase of the package.

The experts are the very top of the pyramid - the authors, creators, maintainers and contributors who know their subject matter intimately.

This means that when you hire an expert on Ringer, you are hiring someone who can prove that they are intimately familiar with a codebase, and have been trusted to contribute code to it.

Internal Talks

What can Ringers help with?

The Experts on Ringer can help with everything, from architecture to implementation, training and internal talks to code review.

You can send a request to an individual expert or all of the experts on a package, with the aim of finding the best expert for your problem rather than the lowest fee.

Ringer charges a 15% fee on all transactions, of which we donate a third directly to the Open Source package that the request is related to.

We keep rates entirely transparent - there are no hidden fees or "gotchas".

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