November Update

Nov 1, 2022


Well, October went quickly! Straight into your update...

Do you want to tell your open-source story?

Would you like to speak to us about open source for a new regular post that we're working on? if you are the author or maintainer of a project and can spare an hour for a conversation about how you ended up working on the project, I'd love to talk about it and publish an article or video/podcast about it. Let us know by emailing us

Ringer on the SustainOSS Podcast

I spoke to Richard Littauer and Justin Dorfman on the Sustain Podcast - you can listen here. We talk about Open Source in general and plans for Ringer.

Social Sharing Cards

We've added some pretty sweet social cards if you want to share your links anywhere that shows an URL pre view both for experts and for custom links.

More ways to be found (Search Languages and Tags)

You will see that users can now search by Language and Tags - these are based on the repositories you are an expert on. The goal is to allow you to provide a wider range of expertise over time. We're also looking at how to allow you to provide expertise on related projects - e.g. if you are an expert on react-native , you might also have expertise on react. Related experts will only appear if no experts are already available. You will control this and I'll make it clear when this happens.


We're going to make it easy to see how often your repositories have been searched for, and have built some simple analytics - we are testing these and they will roll out in about a week. You will be able to see these for your own repos and those owned by an organization that you are part of.

That's all for this update - lots on the roadmap for November. As always, I'm very happy to hear your thoughts on anything we're doing, or that you think we should be doing!

Thanks for reading!


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