Introducing Custom Links

Sep 30, 2022

By default, Ringer provides all experts with a link to book a support request on each repository that they provide support on.

This 30 minutes session is designed to allow experts to provide as much information as they can to their customers. We’ve heard from many experts that they would like to be able to provide longer sessions to customers, and to use Ringer to process request that have come to them off-platform.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Custom Links - a way for experts to create links to create a support request for just about anything.

Watch our founder, Simon, explain them in the short video below or read on!

The idea behind Custom Links is to enable Experts to create a link which can be shared directly with a customer, or appear on the Expert’s own page which will create a request for whatever the Expert wants to provide.

Public/Expert Page Links

Experts can choose to add links to their Expert page, so that whenever a customer visits, they can see the full range of services that an Expert provides.

Multi-Use and Single Use Links

All links are Multi-use by default – that is, they can be used by lots of different customers to create a request, at the same price or for the same duration of hours. Custom Links can also be set to Single Use so that once a request has been created using the link, it expires for all other users. This could be to provide a month of consultancy for example, so that only one user can book a given month.

Private Links

Private Links are limited by an email address, so that only specific users can actually see the link at all. This can make for a secure way to provide a discounted rate for users for example.

We’re excited to see this out and already being used by Experts - head here to set up your first custom link!

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