Changelog: August 17th 2022

Aug 17, 2022

13 Aug 2022

  • Improved the “become an expert” page, it is now clearer when a step is complete.
  • You can now go back and edit your expertise from the become an expert page.
  • Made the expertise page visually clearer, repositories on which you are an expert are highlighted. Clicking on the card opens the edit expertise box.
  • Added the ability to set a default rate.
  • Added the ability to turn on “Show as Expert” for all repositories.
  • Fixed a bug where the homepage wouldn’t scroll after logging in
  • Fixed a bug where the registration page got caught in an endless loop
  • In payment settings, custom split should now dynamically update with the correct split
  • Fixed a typo on become a ringer page

14 Aug 2022

  • Added Title and Meta tags that were missing
  • Added the Expert page in for an Expert to be hired directly without being linked to a repo
  • Improved the Expert CTA on the repository pages
  • Added a better explanation to the Watchlist page
  • Allow sorting expertise by stars or name

16 Aug 2022

  • Turned on featured experts on the homepage
  • Improvement to Dashboard, you can see your expertise immediately
  • Improvement to experts profile, making it clearer as to what “Your experience” should state

17 Aug 2022

  • Turned on Server Side Rendering (this was terrifying). The Site is now super snappy and fast.
  • Fixed the mobile menu on the front page
  • Improvements to the expert profile page
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