Problem Solvers,
meet Problems.

Get paid for your expertise, helping customers with the software that you know better than anyone.

Make more of your Open Source expertise. Easily.

We're building tools that make it really easy to monetise your expertise in Open Source projects.

Built for Open Source Creators

Every Expert on Ringer is verified as an Author, Maintainer or Contributor on the packages that they provide services on.

If you contribute to Open Source, you can add yourself as an expert on the packages that you contribute to and appear instantly.

Choose your repos
Show as an expert for everything you know, or just the one package you deeply care about. You're in control.
No race to the bottom
You set your own prices, reflecting your expertise and the value you provide. We set a floor to stop price wars.
Not just support
From Consultancy to Training, Architecture Reviews to Code Reviews, you choose what you provide.
Really fast to set up
We speedran Ringer: From clicking register to sending a payment link to a customer - 2:39 is the record to beat.

Payments made simple

International Payments a hassle? Waiting 90 days for a bank transfer? Fighting your way through procurement? Not anymore.

We make it easy to accept card payments immediately. We charge customers upfront and Stripe holds the funds until the request is marked as complete. Then you get paid within 5 days. Across over 100 countries.

Custom Links

Quickly create links for just about anything

You know how best to deliver your expertise. By default, we arrange a paid 30 minute video call to discuss your customer's issues and requirements. With Custom Links you can do so much more.

You: $100

Ringer: $10

Project: $5

Straight-forward and clear financials

We keep everything transparent. No complicated tiering structures, no banding based on hours worked.

Set your fee for a 30 minute call. When you a customer sends a request, we take payment and hold the money. Once you've had the call, we pay you, immediately.

If the issue requires more work, you can send a quote through Ringer for a project fee.

We charge a 15% fee directly to the user seeking help, and of that 15% we give 5% (33.33˙% of the 15%) back to the project that the request is regarding.

Donating your fee

We know that a high number of contributors can't accept payment for their work on open source projects.

We also allow you to set your payouts to go either directly to the project that you are providing support on, or to a number of open source foundations.

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